Please note that smoking is not permitted in any public areas of the hotel.

The Regrowing Single Room

The Regrowing Hotelroom© is our latest room concept. We aimed for our goal to create something truly new and innovative. We used either 100% biodegradable or 100% recyclable materials. Demolition, renovation and the use of resources was and is based on the Cradle-to-Cradle© concept and the room is made as sustainable as possible. However, we did not loose sight of comfort and design for our guests. 
20 m2, free Wifi, shower, desk, Coco-Mat® mattress, free Water, USB charger 

Single Room

15 qm, shower or bathtub/toilet, usually facing the garden side, Feng Shui mobile, W-Lan, desk, room with solid wood and Ecopass *

Feng Shui Rooms (for example, No. 217)

shower/toilet, double bed or French bed, Feng Shui mobile, W-Lan, small French balcony, rooms with solid wood and Ecopass *

Junior Suite Garden Side (for example, No. 37)

32 qm, bath with comfortable shower and toilet, Feng Shui mobile, W-Lan, with small balcony, walk-in closet, mini-bar; also possible with air-conditioning and/or starry sky

Junior Suite Front (for example, No. 32)

26 qm, shower/toilet, with small balcony, Feng Shui mobile, W-Lan, walk-in closet, mini-bar

Double Room (for example, No. 303)

39 qm, bathtub/toilet, quiet location on the 4th floor, Feng Shui mobile, W-Lan, large refrigerator, sink unit, small bar, large desk, starry sky, corner seating unit

Double Room (for example, No. 304)

30 qm bathtub/toilet, Feng Shui mobile, W-Lan, large refrigerator, sink unit, starry sky, corner seating unit, large desk

The Ecopass *

  • You live with handcrafted furniture of native solid wood
  • Living plants improve the room climate
  • Electrical lines have been shielded as far as possible to prevent electro smog
  • Our wallpaper is made of recycling paper and smoothed with beeswax
  • All paints, varnishes, and adhesives are organic and free of solvents
  • You walk on non-toxic carpets without foam backing
  • You write on cork linoleum
  • Your toilet flushes with rainwater
  • The shower water is heated by a solar power plant
  • You sleep on a body-friendly natural mattress with a virgin wool pad and metal-free slatted frame
  • Our establishment is one of the most eco-friendly city hotels in Germany