The First Rewarded Climate Neutral Hotel in Franconia

“We are proud to have a carbon footprint for a couple of years now and to be awarded as a climate neutral hotel. Since 2010 we belong to the first hotels in Germany that can offer their guests a climate neutral accommodation”, Klaus and Ben Förtsch, owners of the Creativhotel Luise in Erlangen, summarise the success of the hotel. The hotel is counted among the most environmental friendly hotels in Germany and has taken a leading role among the hotel business by certifying its carbon footprint and compensating its CO²-emissions in its own reforestation project in Panama.

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Every over-night stay in the climate friendly Creativhotel Luise produces only 10,24 kg CO2. This corresponds with the highest climate efficiency category A. Viabono certifies the carbon footprint of the Creativhotel Luise every year anew by calculating the amount of carbon dioxide the hotel business has emitted during the year. The average emission of a three star hotel comes to 35kg CO2 per night stay and is hence much higher than the emissions of Creativhotel Luise. Nonetheless, the carbon footprint on its own cannot be seen as an evidence for the environmental friendliness of a business. For several years, we have continuously been working hard to improve the climate efficiency of our business. Klaus and Ben Förtsch, the owners of the hotel, are very proud of this fact. The commitment of our nature hotel to sustainability is leading the way into a better future.


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Since 1991, the dedication of our nature hotel in the domain of eco-friendly hotels and restaurant businesses has been rewarded regularly with the gold medal of the Bavarian Ministry of Economy and Environment. In 2011, the hotel won the “Vision European Sustainable Tourism Award” (VESTAs).

The Eco-pass

Our ecological and sustainable ideals do not only relate to nature, but are also concerned with the well-being of our guests. For this reason the Creativhotel, unlike other hotels, uses only high value and environmental friendly materials. Not always can the value of this material be felt or seen, but it makes a crucial difference for you and your health.

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  • You live on hand-made furniture made of regional solid wood
  • Indoor plants improve the room atmosphere
  • Electric cables have been tucked away to the most possible extent to prevent electric smog
  • Our wallpaper is made of recycled paper and is smoothed with beeswax
  • Colours, coating and glue are organic and solvent-free
  • The carpet floor is pollution and foam-free
  • You write on the a desk surface made of on cork linoleum
  • Your toilet is flushed with rainwater
  • The water of the shower is heated with solar power
  • You sleep on body-friendly organic mattrasses with a lining made of wool and a metal-free slatted frame.

Rewarded as an ADFC Bike Rider’s Hotel

The German cyclist’s club “ADFC“ has rewarded our hotel for its bicycle friendliness. We are a partner hotel of the ADFC Bed+Bike-Programme. We offer cyclists the service they would expect of a bike rider’s hotel plus some additional conveniences.

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  • Free electro service stations for E-bikers
  • A savoury healthy breakfast will be expecting you in the morning
  • We’ll prepare an energy lunch package on request for your day trip
  • Your bike will be safely sheltered in our lockable garage
  • There are facilities for any wet clothes or equipment that need washing or drying
  • A tool box is available for any minor repairs on your bike
  • Alternatively to your bike you may use our CarSharing facility (for a fee)
  • We have twelve bikes that can be leased for your excursion
  • We provide information leaflets on regional cycling and hiking tracks as well as bus timetables that will escort you to attractive destinations nearby.
  • Our Wellness Oasis Lunyu is available for your relaxation and offers you a range of saunas and massages.
  • For both hobby and racing cyclists we have a lot to offer
  • Stay with us, in the first climate neutral hotel in Franconia!