Room with a view

Let’s be straight – You will not be enjoying our breakfast with a breathtaking view of the Alps; neither will it be the fascinating Baltic Sea. You will not be spying on the Lorelei while she murmurs secrets to the Rhine. To be honest you would actually be surprised or even annoyed by facing the Siemens building “Palace of Glass”, that is, if you could see it. The thing is: you don’t. We invite you to have breakfast in our basement, as we know that you will only be focused on our rich regional breakfast buffet with its organic and fair-trade products and your perfectly filled breakfast plates. Later on you can still let your gaze wander; for instance, outside, in our garden. There, you will find a small - yes, but also fine - shelter in a central location. It hosts many fruit trees too which contribute to the vitamins and freshness in your breakfast. Conclusion: You will get a good view after all.

Here are some assorted products from our breakfast buffet:

  • Organic and fair-trade coffee
  • Premium quality teas of the brands Pukka and Ronnefeld
  • Orange juice and delicious juices from meadows in the Franconian Switzerland
  • “Grander” water
  • An assortment of bread and rolls, homemade bread baked in a stone oven in the village of Effeltrich, butter and lye croissants as well as cake
  • Wide variety of cereals, dried fruit and nuts, as well as, maple syrup, nougat-crème and much more from our organic supplier Rapunzel
  • Various organic yoghurts
  • Homemade porridge with seasonal fruits
  • Freshly made fruit salad
  • Selection of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Organic Demeter-jam from the Franconian Switzerland
  • Diet marmalade and Becel margarine
  • Honey from the regional bee-farm Schönauer
  • Nutella nougat spread and Samba as an organic alternative
  • Eggs from the regional organic farm Richter in Etzelskirchen
  • Milk and an assortment of cheese from the organic dairy farm Schleitz
  • Wide variety of Franconian sausage products from the butcher Böhnlein
  • Salmon for fish lovers

Apart from all this, we also offer you a daily changing choice of crispy bacon, Nueremberger Bratwurst, Wieners (pork) and Bavarian veal sausage.

Please ask for our gluten- or lactose-free products and for soy milk!


You can purchase vouchers for our breakfast buffet for yourself or friends. Please give us a call, write an e-mail or fill out our voucher form.


Monday to Saturday 6.30 to 10.00am
Sunday and public holidays 7.00 to 10.30am

Organic Breakfast

Our organic and regional products are important to us. In the interest of our guests, we want to offer a high quality of products, since a rich and healthy breakfast is the perfect basis to get one geared up for the day. However, we also want to support farmers, bakers and partners that stand behind these products. Our close collaboration with our suppliers helps us ensure a high quality. We also draw back on regional products to minimise the long distances of delivery and hence to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. The organic and regional products of Creativhotel Luise help our guests, region and the environment!

Therefore, not all of our products are organic certified but some are local products. 

All of our organic groceries are monitored and Bio-certified (DE-ÖKO-001).  

Certificate according to article 29 section 1 of the act (EC) No. 834/2007 


BCS Öko Garantie (transl. BCS organic guaranty)
Control No.: DE-BY-001-8820-B
Organic: Beverages, merchandise, breakfast



Here you will find some of our partners that we gladly recommend due to their high quality and distinguished natural flavour.

Weingut Roth (organic wine)

Rapunzel Naturkost (natural food)

Die Beerenbauern (Demeter – organic organization, jam)

Teehaus Ronnefeldt (tea)

Obstgroßmarkt Fränkische Schweiz (fruit and fruit juices)

Andechser Molkerei (dairy products)

Organic egg and poultry farm M. & P. Richter, Ökoring, Böhm bakery, Schneider bakery und Pickelmann bakery, Böhnlein butchery