Our business is based on ecological principles. As a family business, we see it as our responsibility to think of the generations to come. Since 1991, we have regularly won the gold medal in the domain of eco-friendly hotel and restaurant businesses awarded every year by the Bavarian Ministry of Economy and Environment. Furthermore, since its founding we have been a member of the German eco-brand "Viabono", a guideline for eco-friendly travelling.

We are inspired by others but we live our own idea of sustainability. 

For over 25 years, we have gladly motivated towards an ecological awareness. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to hold the balance between our ecological aims and economical aspects. We are proud to be regarded as one of the most environmental friendly city hotels in Germany and to be the very first hotel in Bavaria that is managed eco-friendly.

Hotel Luise was founded on 1956 and has steadily grown ever since. The hotel building was extended four times, nowadays, the hotel building hosts 95 rooms, a wellness area, a fitness-room, massage-rooms and a big shepherd garden. In 2014, Benjamin Förtsch took over the family business from his mother Gudrun Förtsch and has since become the new head of business; he is the third generation to run the hotel. His father, Klaus Förtsch is still guiding him as an experienced adviser.

Us and our working environment

We are supporters of the charter of diversity, an initiative of the Federal Government, in which we commit ourselves to have an open mind towards everyone and to support them in any way possible. Although this is not quite true: For us, it is not a commitment - to us it is part of our nature .

 As an exception in our branch we still have our own housekeeping staff and are proud of this. The difference shows in the quality - our employees enjoy working here.

As part of the "Klima-Hotels" (eco-hotels), we are committed to social Fairness. This means:

We are FAIR to our staff members paying the agreed salaries. Qualified staff is also important to us and we offer them constant Training. We actively support those that struggle the most in the Job market (i.e. the elderly and handicapped or migrants). Work-life-balance is on our agenda, that is why we reward good performance, keep working hours fair and make sure we create a pleasant working environment.

Together we grow strong

At the Creativhotel Luise we are not colleagues, but friends. This applies both for our staff and our regular guests. You will easily notice the difference during your visit! We are 35 team members that enjoy working together and we have made it our aim to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Our team consists of many generations; we want to support both the wild youngsters as well as the professional oldies. Every member of our team plays an important role and we do not exclude anyone.

We are proud of this fact.